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Candid Candle Co.

Chic Body Cream

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Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom


Mood: floral, feminine, perfume, sophisticated



Made with the finest of all natural ingredients. Our body creams instantly bring back suppleness and softness to the skin leaving a beautiful glow without an oily residue. 


How to Use: Apply to any area that suffers from dryness. Best used after the shower to lock in moisture. For external use only. Not recommended for use on genital area.



Shea Butter:  conditions skin, tones , safe for all skin types, helps to boost collagen production, helps to promote cell regeneration, helps to reduce scarring and stretch marks

Mango Butter: protects against UV rays, helps reduce dark spots, helps reduce wrinkles & fine lines

Aloe Vera: helps to alleviate symptoms cause by eczema, protect against dry skin,  protects against UV rays, adds moisture to the skin

Almond Oil: Helps to even complexion, treats dry skin, 

Vitamin E: stops skin from losing moisture, protects against cell damage, antioxidant

Glycolic Acid: anti-aging, removes dead skin cells, brightens, helps hyperpigmentation

Colloidal Oatmeal: locks in moisture, softens skin, soothes skin, anti-inflammatory, rehydrates the skin, great for sensitive skin