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Her Story

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Size: 9oz


Wax: Luxury Apricot / Coconut Blend


Scent: Watermelon, Coconut, Vetiver


Mood: Step into a tropical paradise as the aroma of bold watermelon and sweet coconut dance into the air to be met with the earthy calmness of vetiver. The surprising combination create an excitement you didn't know you needed. 


Top: Honeydew melon, Rum, Lime, Bergamot

Middle: Watermelon, Cedar, Lemon Peel

Base:  Sugar, Coconut, Vanilla, Amber, Dark Musk, Vetiver


Burn Hours: 70+ burn hours



We recommend allowing the candle to burn through until the wax is completely liquified to the edge of your jar in order to experience its full scent throw.