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Candid Candle Co.

Body Butter Wax Melts

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The fun and erotic alternative to our body butter candles, our body butter wax melts are made with the same quality ingredients of all natural soy wax, unrefined shea butter and pure almond oil. They are perfect for those who choose to not deal with wicks and just want to get straight to the point! Our wax melts come in 7 fun scents that range from our sexy Honey please to our floral meets zesty Citrus Bouquet. 


How to use: 

As a body butter- break  off a piece of a cube or desired amount and massage into the desired area. For external use only. 


As massage oil- Place one cube into your wax warmer. Once oil pool has formed turn warmer off and wait atleast 1-2 minutes before applying oil to skin. All warmers are made differently so the temperature of wax may be hotter than our body butter candles.